A Deep Dive Into EventForte’s Online Conversion Widget For Venues


Today, EventForte announced free marketing and business development tools for venues, including an online conversion widget for venues. These tools are accessible from EventForte’s Creative Showcase platform, which is used by thousands of event planners around the world to search and book venues and function spaces. We’ve included a deep dive of these tools below, but if you prefer the brief version, here’s a one minute video about it. Contact venues@eventforte.com for details.

A closer look

Venues can control what event planners see regarding their space and edit information regarding their venue.  When a venue user first logs in, they are brought to the “Overview Page” that contains general venue information,  including everything from address to largest and smallest function space.

MyVenue View
The tab to the right contains information regarding the venue’s function spaces. Here a venue can edit and delete information regarding the dimensions of their function spaces, allowing event planners and other customers to have accurate information regarding function space dimensions when planning events.

The next tab to the right contains reviews about the venue, which venues can view and respond to.


Finally, the “widget” tab contains instructions on how to add a customizable widget on the venue’s website. A widget is a small software application that can be embedded on a venue website and viewable by end users without having to leave the site. This widget not only serves as a catalog of a venue’s function spaces, it also empowers prospective customers to start planning events at the venue, thus increasing the throughput of customer conversion. Prospective customers can interact with the widget directly by clicking the button, “3D VIEW” for any function space. 


Prospective customers can switch between the two dimensional and three dimensional views at will. Below is a preview of the 3D View functionality.

3D View - small

For more information, contact EventForte at venues@eventforte.com.  

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