EventForte Event Sales Tool And Creative Showcase Go Public


On January 26, 2017, EventForte officially launched two products:  Event Sales Tool and Creative Showcase.  Both products were previously available on an invite-only basis to select event planners and venues.

The first product, the Event Sales Tool is an interactive embeddable tool that venues can place on their websites, blogs, forums, or Facebook pages.  The tool appears as a function space capacity chart but can allow users to interactively plan events at a venue and virtually tour function spaces in 3D.  Several thousand hotels have adopted the tool since its launch.

The tool utilizes an aspect of web design which has been gaining momentum recently: the concept of interactivity.  For instance, users are two to three times more likely to stay on a webpage with interactive tools.  Thus, the consensus is that interactivity is a great way to boost conversions and not enough people are doing it.  

“There is overwhelming demand for venues joining our platform since the release of the Events Sales Tool, with dozens of new requests every day,” said Ankit Gupta, President of EventForte.  “Venues are hearing about how this addition to a website or Facebook is increasing conversions and we are definitely feeling this shift.”

With the Sales Tool easily available now, depicted below, hotels will no longer need to request access.  They can simply get access to it by claiming their venue and accessing it from their venue dashboard.


Looking at the sales tool, one can see that it is a capacity chart with a “3D” button next to each function space.  Clicking on this button will reveal a diagramming page, allowing anyone to plan an event right then and there by placing tables and chairs.  The user can also render the function space in three dimensions to get a better sense of the layout of the function space.

The second product, the Creative Showcase is a platform for both event planners and hotels in finding each other.  Event planners can post their events on the platform to show to clients, find hotels for future events in the venue directory, and research and review venue sourcing and selection.  Hotels can have access to the Creative Showcase as well, to make sure all information about the hotel including basic contact information and function space information is correct.  

Both the Event Sales Tool and Creative Showcase are available at no cost to event planners and venues and both products can be used on desktop and tablet devices. For questions and support, contact support@eventforte.com or submit a ticket at http://support.eventforte.com

To access the platform for free, launch the app or claim a venue from the links below.

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