Likely Chaotic Party Conventions Could Benefit From Event Technology


With the highly publicized and controversial nature of the Democratic and Republican Party National Conventions, one major concern is with regard to the crowds, planning, and technology used in running the conventions.

The Republican National Convention is slated to begin July 18 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio and end July 21. The counterpart Democratic National Convention is to begin July 25 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and end July 28.

In the case of the Republicans, senior party officials are already calling the convention a low-tech affair. The Democratic Convention may not fare much better. Ever since the Democratic National Convention of 1968 in Chicago, Illinois, a growing concern for each party’s convention organizers is how to provide a good experience for party members and how to deal with the ubiquitous issue of mass numbers of protesters.

Many in the event technology community are optimistic that such conventions would benefit greatly from event technology. “The event tech community has been working to make these giant events much more streamlined,” said Ankit Gupta, President of EventForte, an event tech provider. “We are confident that the organizers of these big events are going to catch up to the latest technology and look to modern event management applications to ensure that these events proceed seamlessly.”

Event technology and the ability to diagram, imagine three dimensional rendering, real-time attendee management, and so forth would allow convention organizers to focus more on the convention agendas. Event professionals have been leveraging on such technologies for decades for events of similar size and scale. For many such events, event technology has contributed to better savings both in time and cost.

In the future, Republicans and Democrats may perhaps find themselves in agreement with at least the issue of organizing better events.


EventForte, Inc. offers a cloud-based event management platform with integrated business intelligence tools, with a mission to revolutionize the event management industry through integration of modern big data and data science methods.

The company has offices in San Jose, CA and Los Angeles, CA.


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